Often neglected but an important part of our bodies, your feet deserve just as much of a pamper (if not more!) than any other part of the body. Let our expert therapists help. From pedicures and massage to simple polish application, your feet deserve a little TLC.

Luxury Spa Pedicure

The ultimate re-conditioning treatment for your feet and nails. Your feet are soaked in warm lavender water to begin with, then enjoy a full pedicure and refreshing scrub before a moisturising foot masque is applied and your feet placed into heated booties. Your feet are then treated to a massage before being polished to perfection.

  • WITH POLISH 60min 
    WITH SHELLAC 75min 


Feet are soaked in warm lavender water, nails are filed, cuticles trimmed, hard skin filed and smoothed away. They are then treated to a zingy exfoliation and moisturiser is applied. We have two different finishes to choose from:

  • WITH POLISH 45min 
    WITH SHELLAC 60min 

File & Polish

  • Shape nails and paint

    WITH POLISH 15min 
    WITH SHELLAC 30min 

Shellac Removal (15 mins) 

We offer complimentary Shellac removal when having it reapplied on the same day. The nail is shaped after removal and cuticle oil is massaged into the nail to rehydrate. 

Pressure Point Foot Massage   (45 mins) 

A method of stimulating the pressure points of the feet with a refreshing peppermint oil blend, encouraging the body to work naturally to restore its own balance. This is a great way to relax the mind and body. 

Recovery Foot and Leg Massage (30 mins) 

A relaxing massage specifically developed to rejuvenate your tired feet and legs.


Which treat will you opt for? To book your treatment, contact the spa team today.