60 minute Treatments

Monday  – Thursday: £65 / Friday – Sunday: £70
Calibrate 517

Surrender to the sensation of having your body gently realigned and perfectly put back together again with a body massage like no other, supported lying face down encouraging gravity to enhance the experience. With warm Heal & Health oil of orange and fennel or Liberty Ylang Ylang & Amaris

Hypnotic Tribal Sleep

Full body dreaming sleep massage supported with pillows in the embryo position, enhancing your muscular release & encouraging optimum rest. With creamy balm blend of deep sleep essentials.

Hot Rocking Relax 

Recalibration for rocking relaxed muscles and mind. Your choice of Heal & health oil or Hypnotic Sleep Balm combined with hot and healing Basalt Rocks for a full body massage of intense pleasure for tired bodies, aching muscles and fraught minds. Relinquish control and rebalance your entire being.

Skin Smoothing Body Massage

A refining and skin enriching full body massage coupled with a deep full body exfoliation. Add in Hot towels and you have a sensory combination working perfectly together to leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized and with your softest skin.

BAComplex (back and facial massage) 

Enjoy all the benefits of the tRiBe517 Actif8 facial and scalp massage combined with our glorious and celebrated back massage. The 517 facial balms together with the warm Heal & Health oil bring dazzling fragrances and supreme application to make this a pleasure unsurpassed. 

Beautiful Hero

For the warrior in you…..Wellbeing touch of warmth to comfort your soul, treat your skin and lift your spirits. For those with sensitivity, fragile condition, and living with or recuperating from disease, Cancer and sickness. Using a whipped delight of fragrance-free natural butters.  

Mama Love 

Tender Loving Care for the second and third trimesters of pregnancy and beyond. A cocooning soothing massage encouraging sleep and relaxation, with warm blankets, pillows and a natural whipped blend of butters. 

Life Force

Spinal pressures aromatherapy style and our iconic reverse effleurage kneading for a muscle easing back massage, coupled with healing pressure point treatment for the feet, clearing body energy pathways, promoting natural self-healing and extreme relaxation. 

Prescriptive Facial Dermalogica

This Ultimate 60-minute treatment is customised to target all of your skin needs and leave your skin radiant and glowing. This Bespoke service combines key steps of professional exfoliation and deep serum treatment to experience brighter and healthier skin.

Glass Beauty facial 

The luxe facial to even complexion, tone and appearance.  Resulting in a healthy sheen reflecting light and lifting skin health.  Expert exfoliating massage for ultra-refined luminosity, championing intense hydration and promoting a youthful appearance, all with the unmistakable power and scent of Orange Blossom.

Your Ritual Route 

Craft your wellness with a choice of two 30 minute treatments and your therapist will curate your ritual especially for you. (Please note this treatment is only available for spa days)