30 Minute Treatments

Monday – Thursday £40 / Friday – Sunday £45
Demi Glass Facial

A glorious quick fix and refining facial, leaving the skin with a glass like smoothness.  Actif8 massage with our Chrism No7, containing Sweet Orange, Vanilla and Honey to boost your complexion.  Beautifully fragrant and beautifying results with nap inducing application.

Hot Pod Shrug

A quick fix for tired muscles, aching shoulders and giving an all over feel good factor.  Our hot and healing Basalt Rocks send heat deep into the muscles, and work with a technique to release any tightness and discomfort.  Great for a result driven express back-ache release.

40 Winks of Wonder

Indulge in our half body massage, back and backs of legs with our warm Hypnotic Sleep Balm No5. The iconic Calibrate 517 massage condensed to a little fix of luxe time.  Perfect for a mini power nap and unwind, setting the tone for an unhurried and calm rest of day. 

Calibrate517 Back, neck & Shoulder

Surrender to the sensation of this glorious back, neck & shoulder massage gently realigning and putting you perfectly “back together again”. Quick fix

Face & Scalp Massage

With the signature aromas of the Tribe517 balm

Life Force Reflex 

Healing pressure point treatment for the feet, clearing body energy pathways, promoting natural self-healing and extreme relaxation.  Hot towel wrapping and hot barley bags.

Tiny Hero 

Well-being touch of warmth to comfort your soul, treat your skin and lift your spirits. For those with sensitivity, fragile condition, and living with or recuperating from disease, Cancer, and sickness. Using a whipped delight of fragrance-free natural butters.  

Prescriptive Facial Dermalogica

This intensive 30 Minute treatment is designed by us specifically for you and your most pressing skin concern. 

Whatever treatment you choose, we’re confident you’ll have an experience that will revitalize and refresh you. Contact the team to book. 

T: 01874 665912                                                            E: spa@peterstone-court.com

Or you can now check availability and book directly on-line