Modern or Traditional Weddings

Traditional and Modern Weddings at Peterstone Court

Whether you opt for a traditional or modern wedding, you’re sure to have an unforgettable day. Brecon wedding venues such as ours are the perfect host for whatever wedding you decide to hold; in our latest blog we share the differences between modern and traditional weddings, should you need help making up your mind!

The Wedding Invitation

Traditionally, wedding invitations are sent out to guests on behalf of the bride’s family, so her parents’ names would be mentioned before the bride’s or groom’s. For modern weddings, couples put their own names as they tend to be financing the celebration. Whose name is written first is at the discretion of the couple.

Hen Night and Stag Do

For traditional wedding celebrations, the Maid of Honour and bridesmaids are responsible for organising the Hen Night – the same applies to the Best Man for the Stag Do. For modern celebrations, it is now customary for the Bride or Groom to be involved in the majority of the preparations – of course, a few surprises are still thrown in!

Wedding Attire

It was a major taboo for guests to wear black to traditional weddings – shades of red included too! It goes without saying that no one but the bride should wear white, cream or ivory but for modern weddings most of these dress codes can be ignored. Modern celebrations allow guests to wear whatever they fancy – or offer a thoughtful dress and colour code of the couple’s own creation for them to adhere to.

Wedding Presents

Gifts to furnish a couple’s new home together such as cutlery, crockery and ornament were all the rage during traditional weddings. Nowadays, couples tend to live together before tying the knot, so gift registers aren’t needed and cash gifts are a frequent addition to modern weddings; it can generously help fund the honeymoon!

Walking Down The Aisle

Traditionally, the Bride’s father would accompany her down the aisle but with same-sex marriages becoming more prevalent, it is all down to personal preference who undertakes this honourable task. This ties in to modern weddings, where brides or grooms can choose to walk unaccompanied (if they do not feel they are being given away) or instead opt for another family member or friend to walk with them.


Speech order changes drastically from traditional to modern weddings. Usually the father of the bride would speak first, followed by the groom and best man. For modern weddings, it’s increasingly common for the groom to speak first to thank and welcome everyone, then the father of the bride speaks. Some brides like to share a word or two nowadays – as long as everyone is thanked, toasted and welcomed it is really up to you what order your speeches take!

How We Can Help

What type of wedding have you been considering? There are advantages to both. With modern weddings, you don’t have any limitations; you and your partner can dictate every detail including the wedding ceremony, venue, theme, vows and much more. Traditional weddings allow couples to honour time-old traditions and celebrate knowing that they are doing just as their relatives may have done before them. Who’s to say you can’t incorporate the best of both? Here at Peterstone Court, we are able to accommodate and host whatever wedding you dream of – our expert wedding team awaits your call.