A Very Doggy Stay at Peterstone

Bring Your Four-Legged Friends With You

There’s nothing better than a holiday away with your loved ones; packing up the car, anticipation building for all the fun that is to be had – even repeated cries of ‘Are we there yet?’ don’t seem quite as annoying when you have somewhere fantastic to stay. The only thing that is sometimes missing is your four-legged friend…

Special Offer For Pets

But not at Peterstone Court. We have the delights of the Brecon Beacons surrounding us, and we think it would be a shame if your dog couldn’t come with you. If our guests’ book Peterstone’s Simply Pawsome Package your faithful companion will get a luxury wooftastic ‘hamper’ with treats, chew, food, bowls, poo bags and a doggie bed. Those not taking advantage of the offer can speak to a member of our team about adding their four-legged friend to their stay – they’ll still get use of a bowl, some treats, poo bags and a doggie bed. It’s safe to say, we are very dog friendly. See what Max thought below.

Max’s Arrival

As my owners pull up the drive towards what they keep excitedly calling ‘Peterstone’, (I don’t know what that means) all I can think about is all the wonderful smells! I have never been here before but already I can smell grass and mud – even sheep!

I like to keep my distance and stay on my lead, but it is such fun and really exciting to see other animals pottering about. They don’t seem to want to pay me much attention.
My owner helps me out the car and I have a good sniff and a bark before relieving myself in the car park. They have poo bags at the ready!

Then I am led to a large red door. This must be that Peterstone place. Inside, I see lots of smiling faces and I am even allowed to sit with my owners in the library while they wait to check in. It is nice and comfortable here. I think I am going to like this holiday.

Max’s Lunchtime

Our belongings are in our room but before I can have a lie down my owners have on their walking shoes and rucksacks – plus plenty of treats in their pockets. This can only mean one thing!

We are going for a walk, and what a walk it is – Pen y Fan and the surrounding trails of the Brecon Beacons… I have never sniffed or scented so much in all my life.

I even met a few other dogs and made friends. We all had a picnic on the mountain – my humans seem tired out, so we are going to go back to that Peterstone place. They said there will be a nice bowl of water waiting for me which is nice but I will ignore any mention of using the hose to clean me! No thank you, I can clean myself!

Max’s Evening

So I had to let the humans use the hose. It wasn’t too cold which is nice, and they even let me dry myself around the grounds while they got rid of my poo bags in the bins.

My owners and me are staying in the stables – I like it in here because of the tiled floors and easy access for my little paws. I hope I get to sit with them for breakfast tomorrow – the terrace is large enough for me to lie down and look at the view. I can even catch smells of the trees, sap and wildlife.

Max’s Goodbye

Everything is packed away in the car and the humans are handing in the keys. I am surprised that I get to keep my new bed and treats! I do hope we will visit here again; next time I would quite like to stay in the main house. Before I go everyone is giving me strokes and pets, so I give them a lick and a little bark.